URBANA la pelicula, hot weather makeup session

  • Eliven Alvis Castaño
    Eliven Alvis Castaño
  • Shazia during makeup of Luzy
    Shazia during makeup of Luzy
  • Luzy Aguilera
    Luzy Aguilera
  • Naghma aqeel
    Naghma aqeel
  • Luzy Aguilera
    Luzy Aguilera
  • Actress of URBANA la pelicula
    Eliven Alvis Castaño
  • Shazia Niaz
    Shazia Niaz
  • Naghma aqeel during make
    Naghma aqeel during make
  • Luzy Aguilera
    Luzy Aguilera

Hot whether makeup considerations for “URBANA la pelicula” movie in beautiful city of Dubai.

Luzy Aguilera

Luzy Aguilera


Our two makeup artist were in charge for this session, Shazia Niaz, and Naqhma Aqeel.



One of the most important factors in make up industry, from technical side, probably is the endurance of makeup, in various weather condition.

Shazia Niaz, during makeup

Shazia Niaz, during makeup

In our case, we were shooting under direct  sunlight at noon in Dubai, month of april and hot weather makeup considerations were took by our makeup team. Humidity and ambient temperature are two killing parameters to combat with artistic skills of make up artists.

In most cases makeup artists should stay near to crew for adjustment and re polish the sweating face of actors, which will cause multiple stops and starts in shooting process and cause more difficulties for focus of actors to keep the continuity of same mimic.
This problem can extend the shooting time, and in worst case scenarios will affect the quality of final work, due to sunlight light, changing in direction, color, and intensity.

Even when video cameras are properly color balanced, sunlight, incandescent, and fluorescent lighting will all affect subject matter in different ways. For this reason, we may need makeup mirrors with adjustments for each of these types of light.
this will ensure you that what makeup artist choose fro skin tone, will be seen by camera eye as well. Moisturized makeup materials will show themselves in different color and texture, and should be considered in hot weather makeup strategies.

 Naghma Aqeel

Naghma Aqeel, Makeup artist

Shazia Niaz and Naghma Aqeel, with their extensive knowledge and artistic skills were aware of hot weather makeup tricks and efficiently saved our shooting from such problems may occur under sunlight for sweating makeup.

Especially, closeup shoots and sweating, is  sensitive issue and can waste all footages. retakes, in another day shootings, can be distinguished in closeup shoots.

Constantly photography of details from make up is one of the techniques that can save a lots of time in a production. Reference photos and stick to details of script will guarantee that hot weather makeup problems will never affect your performance.






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