Fashion photography with artists

Pointing lens toward a well made garment cannot be named as fashion photography, unless working with real artists.

Most of orders for a fashion photography are based on a very simple fact, and that is to “visually report my work to others”.

Later in this article we will look at a case study of fashion photography made recently, for Anchaya Sinha, label ANCH, with Svetlanna Meshra as Model and Naghma Aqeel as MUA.

Why some fashion products sells very well, but another with more reasonable price and better fabrics higher quality of stitching and cuts, can’t? What is the secret? Obviously the answer can’t be a single fact, and there are many major and minor factors, but is proven that one of the major and important factor is how to organize fashion photography. I reveal my opinions and some fact about fashion photography in this article and a report a case study at the end.

In fashion photography topic, we face to answer some questions at the very beginning. We will ask designer what is the main concept you were looking for express in your design, and what other design criteria you might considered?

Depending on answers, photographer will define his priorities and will prepare a photo shoot plan in order to produce images that lead the viewers to that certain criteria.

Designer will be asked “what is the main concept you were looking for express in your design?” and what other design criteria you might considered?

Hidden Factors:

For example if fashion designer made a winter pullover and trying to show that his design will protect against cold weather, then a probable scene for photo shoot will be outdoor winter dusk, with cast of cold colors and a model wearing the product with a happy smile by shifting to warm colors on his face. Unconscious mind of viewer will interpret all of this visual factors to”I can believe this product will work for me against cold”.

So, we raised one level higher than ordinary point and shoot fashion photography by adding some techniques to lead viewer toward designer’s goal.

Some of factors in a fashion design based on sense and feelings of fabric character. Some are coarse cloth and some soft and thin. How to show this quality by imaging? Close up photography of the product can be used to show this character. we often use a diagonal light in order to popup the bumps and texture of fabric.

But in long shoots we can’t show and see the details of fabric, therefor other techniques will be used to produce a proper photograph.

Being beautiful, tall, tiny, curvy, and extraordinary body shape, are just a part of the modeling game and definitely is not all of the game.
Consider a thin and silky fabric supposed to be shown in a fashion photography. One way to show fabric features is to force fabric to float in the air.

Coloring fabrics is another part of a successful design, therefor photographer will have better chance to capture an image with higher visual impact.
There is long list to name different factors that might play a role in a successful photo shoot, but as another major factor is Model selection and makeup artist.

Svetlanna Meshra

Svetlanna Meshra

Photography Models:

Nowadays , there are many individuals name themselves photography “MODEL”, and modeling companies are stamp their name as a model. But is is not true. Being beautiful, tall, tiny, curvy, with extraordinary body shape, are just a part of the game and definitely is not all of the modeling game. The real photography model is an actor. Yes, Actor or Actress. They should be able to follow the concept by posing body, face mimic, and proper hands and feet movement. they can add more value than expected to a photo session by their arts. Normally hiring a pose director for ordinary shooting is adding too mush to expenses and it is not feasible for all designers. But even with pose director talented modeling artists can help photographer by their creative moves and poses.

Makeup Artist: MUA

Other aspect of a successful fashion photography is to get help of a professional makeup artist. Creating hier style, skin tone, and selecting proper colors to match the fabric colors are very important to built an harmonious ambiance for final image and graphic design.

Case study:

Svetlanna Meshra and Anchaya Sinha

 Anchaya Sinha & Svetlanna Meshra

The client Anchaya Sinha, a courageous young fashion designer, is one the kind that will grow in fashion business very fast. I need to write another article about her design, from a photographer eye, but for now we focus on our case study of last shooting with Svetlanna Meshra, model and actress, a real artist, and our professional makeup artist Naghma Aqeel.

Svetlanna Meshra

Svetlanna Meshra





Model: Svetlanna Meshra
Svetlana Meshra have been trained in acting by one of the popular Acting Institutes of India “Actor Prepares” and she have experience in tv commercials, tv serials, photoshoots, short films , corporate videos, modeling & theatre. She have versatile looks and can fit into Arab, egyptian, pakistani, Russian looks.
Her story of experience is along list can fill two more pages, but I just name some of her previous experiences:


Work experience in Dubai

Photoshoot for Coca Cola
Photoshoot for Dubai South – Corporate Lifestyle
Photoshoot for RAK Tourism
Photoshoot for COEGA Beach wear
Photoshoot for Dubai Tourism
Animation & Video shoot for IKEA ,Abu Dhabi
Photoshoot for Jotun Paints
Photoshoot for Orederoo Telecom Company
Photoshoot for “Chamber of Commerce, AbuDhabi”
Tesla Autopilot – Dubai’s first driverless car
Tvc for Jewel Corner
Tvc – Myntra
Short Film Black Mask
Film – FLAT 211 (under post production)
One of the top 10 contestants in Glamicious events, Burdubai.
Modeled at Riwaaz event in Burdubai.(pics attached)
Walked the ramp for Designer Anisa Couture
Photoshoot for “Clickonstyle” website
Photoshoot for “Adora Creation”
Corporate film with Studio 52
Photoshoot for “The Knowledge Group”
One of the leading faces of Dare2drape challenge by Triveni Sarees,India
Staged a show”Haaye Akhtari” with Malhaar Choir @ Madinat Jumeirah
Staged a show”The Odd Couple” with Backstage @ The JunctionTheatre
Winners of weekly Audience choice for “Short + Sweet Dubai” theatre festival (In Sickness & in Wealth)

Short Films

SIRAJ – Trailor (Serious)
guest appearance – Won Viewers Choice award at 48 hrs film festival (Comedy)
Cup of life (Serious drama)
kaash – Theatrical short film on Road Safety.
Main bhi chalna chahti hoon – (Nominated for Bangladesh film festival)
Audition 1 Audition 2

TV Commercials

chai pe charcha
Hindu Times
Terroza Coating
Indian Idol
Gogrej Hair Colour
Santoor Soap
Asian Paints
Deer Basmati Rice 

Promo Shoots

Series- AJEEB
REAL Promo
Cookery show Promo
DID Promo
Mtv Promo
Indian Poker Championship

Corporate Videos

Croma Stores : Inhouse training videos
Core Technologies : Inhouse training videos
Hindustan Lever Product “Pureit”
Vascon Architecture Group
IL&FS Training videos  

Print Shoots

Product Name : Kryst (Dental Cosmetic)
Product Name : Coca cola
Product Name : Sarees
Product Name : AID Awareness  

Ramp Shows

Diamond Jewellery – Shubh Labh Jewellers (Bangalore)
Hair Show -(Loreal)ENVI Salon(Mumbai)

Theatre Experience

Acted in a play “Gaz Foot Inch” for a corporate ONGC.
Scripted by :Mr. K P Saxena
Directed by: Mr.SP Chauhan.

Professional accomplishments

Acting: Acting from Actor prepares (Anupam Kher’s Acting School).
Dancing: Student of the Dance Maestro Shaimak Dawar’s dance academy.
Have been a part of Workshops by Terence Lewis.
Educational Qualification : Bachelors of Engineering (ETRX)


Naghma Aqeel

Naghma Aqeel

 Make artist: Naghma Aqeel

Naghma was born in Peshawar and brought up in karachi. She did her diploma in makeup and hair from kryolan Advance Makeup from Femina Institute karachi.
She learned hair colouring and styling from Pivot Point and Fantasy makeup from Christine Institute Karachi.
she was running her own salon from 2002 till 2009 and later she moved to Dubai. Naghma started to work with different Saloons till 2013. She decided to continue her career as a freelance makeup artist from 2013 till now.
her clients are mostly with media , fashion designers, photographers and models.

she is the makeup and style for many  for celebrities from bollywood and from different nationalities.

to be continued…


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