Professional film scanning in Dubai, new area of interest in UAE

professional film scanning Dubai

Professional film scanning is an important service, that Dubai photographers are talking about it.

Film photography is back and slide and professional film scanning  plays an important part in this field.

When we talk about film photography and we listen to words that describes film photography as a original way of creating photos, normally we can’t stop thinking that how we can involve to this field and add some more spices in our photography recipes.

Professional negative scanning Dubai

35mm Black and White negative film

The procedure is simple: Find a cheap film camera, a roll of film, and start shooting.

You will realize in first step after exposing your film, there are more important steps appear in your way, before you can see the picture.
YES, you need to develop your film, so, you can do it yourself or sent it to a lab.

Few places are accepting to develop films in Dubai, but in any case you will find your photos on a roll of solenoid, called film.

Contact sheet photo

Contact sheet photo

Now, the question is what to do with this beautiful photos on film?
There are two ways to get this photos work for you. First and very original  way is to wet printing and using chemical development process.

The classic solution  for amateurs and some professionals is to make a contact sheet copy of exposed film.
Contact sheet photos are in same size of negative photos, and they are mostly used to choose and harvest unwanted shoots.

Second option is to enlarge photos and print on a photographic paper with a same procedure of chemical process. in both ways, described above.

The print will remain single hard copy and cannot be published through your social network or any other digital networks.

Wet printing is high quality, but it is not too flexible, especially if you want to do some retouches. Changing tones, and any corrections to tones, composition and contrast should be done during print process in the darkroom.

It is not practical for most of us, when we have experienced photoshop at least for one time. Therefor film scanning will come across.

Film scanning:

Film scanning quality is an important factor. Negatives and slides are small pieces of solenoid film that picture formed on a layer (if color, there are more layers).  Scanning a small portion, needs a mechanical and optical superiority, of a device to produce  an acceptable picture quality. Film scanners quality parameters listed below:

  • Optical resolution
  • Maximum size of scanned area
  • method of scanning the media, in revaluation of steady.
  • software enhancements
  • HDR scanning

Average optical resolution of flatbed scanners can reach to 2000 t o 2500 dpi, and Average high end film scanners starts from 3000 dpi to 8000 dpi. Drum scanners resolution can reach to 11,000 dpi.

For 120mm Films 4000 dpi optical resolution can produce enough details  for  an average project.
I have added a sample of a 6×6 slide portrait taken by Hasselblad CM500, 80mm, on Fuji RDPIII slide.

Scanned in 4000 dpi a portion of almost 55mmx55mm, with no profiling, no color correction and sharpness. It is equal to a 75 Megapixel digital photo.

scanned image size





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  1. Hi,

    Good day!

    I got almost 200 35mm negatives that i would like to scan. May I know how much its going to cost me?

    Looking forward for your prompt response. Thanks!

    • Hello Jose,
      Thanks for your interest in our services. We only accept jobs for professional outputs.
      For any estimations, I need to know required DPI and final size of the scan.
      Scratches or dirt spots over the negative will impose more scanning process. Plase let me know your number here(it won’t be published) and we can get into details for the best price.

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