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Wedding photographer captures beautiful Arabic Dance in during studio photography

professional film scanning Dubai

Professional film scanning in Dubai, new area of interest in UAE

Professional film scanning is an important service, that Dubai photographers are talking about it. Film photography is back and slide and professional film scanning  plays an important part in this field. When we talk about film photography and we listen to words that describes film photography as a original way of creating photos, normally we can’t stop thinking that how we can involve to this field and add some more spices in our photography recipes. The procedure is simple: Find a cheap […]

White Boat Party, in Dubai Salsa y Caribe

Boat Party Bien Feliz is a Dance Instructor who was born and raised in an ideal Latin Caribbean environment where all the elements of this wonderful culture were present. Salsa y Caribe founded by Bien in Dubai and his marvelous ideas and activities gathering Dance lovers from all over the UAE. You are cordially invited to Salsa y Caribe’s Season Kickoff white Boat Party. #zaterdag #18juni #metz #cruise #DubaiParty #plantagelaan #deesch #Salsa #Reggaeton #realhouse #deephouse #techhouse #no #edm #rotterdams #finest […]

Video promotion for photography division

“La Vision” Video Promotion

Fashion photography with artists

Pointing lens toward a well made garment cannot be named as fashion photography, unless working with real artists. Most of orders for a fashion photography are based on a very simple fact, and that is to “visually report my work to others”. Later in this article we will look at a case study of fashion photography made recently, for Anchaya Sinha, label ANCH, with Svetlanna Meshra as Model and Naghma Aqeel as MUA. hy some fashion products sells very well, but another with more […]

  • Eliven Alvis Castaño
    Eliven Alvis Castaño
  • Shazia during makeup of Luzy
    Shazia during makeup of Luzy
  • Luzy Aguilera
    Luzy Aguilera
  • Naghma aqeel
    Naghma aqeel
  • Luzy Aguilera
    Luzy Aguilera
  • Actress of URBANA la pelicula
    Eliven Alvis Castaño
  • Shazia Niaz
    Shazia Niaz
  • Naghma aqeel during make
    Naghma aqeel during make
  • Luzy Aguilera
    Luzy Aguilera

URBANA la pelicula, hot weather makeup session

Hot whether makeup considerations for “URBANA la pelicula” movie in beautiful city of Dubai.   Our two makeup artist were in charge for this session, Shazia Niaz, and Naqhma Aqeel.     ne of the most important factors in make up industry, from technical side, probably is the endurance of makeup, in various weather condition. In our case, we were shooting under direct  sunlight at noon in Dubai, month of april and hot weather makeup considerations were took by our makeup team. Humidity and ambient temperature […]