TV Production Department

La Vision TV Production
Presenting Cooking Series in Farsi

Duration: 30 minutes
Resolution: Full HD, 1920×1080
Sound: Stereophonic
Language: Farsi/Dari/Persian
Bi weekly broadcast schema
Live Broadcast on  demand, Draws, sponsorship online votes, viewer feedback.
Contact for more information: [email protected]

TV Program, Cooking series named “Minutes” how to cook a real food under 20 minutes. from La Vision Productions on Vimeo.

Minutes produced b y La vision production to be broadcaster as a weekly of bi weekly TV series in Farsi Language fro audiences of Dari, Persian (Farsi) for broadcasters.
This video is a promotional base to introduce the program to broadcasters and sponsors.
Average duration of each program is 25-30 minutes, and many nutrition facts will be explained in program while they address traditional regional foods and international cousins as well.